All our great designs are handmade by my family workshop in Canada. Handcrafted using the most traditional goldsmithing techniques.

All our great designs are handmade by my family run workshop in Toronto, Canada. My mom and dad both have been involve in jewelry crafts for more then 30 years. They have been retired until we have discovered Etsy. Hugely under the influence of my parents, I have grow my interest in design and jewelry craft since my youth.

For the last 2 years, we've been producing and designing together that we've created a really strong bond. There exists a mutual understanding and big respect for each others skills. My family take my designs and develop them with me, together we make sure that every single cut and polish is refined. We work very hard to make sure your JubileJewel product will accompany you for years to come.

A well designed and well produced product is only half the work done. To do justice to all the time we put into designing and crafting each product we make sure to use only the best materials. My parents hand selected all raw silver and gold are continuously refine to the highest quality. Each of our product is constructed by our premium 925 sterling silver or premium karat gold and finish by hand with traditional jewelry handcraft techniques.

We are perfectionists. We take JubileJewel seriously. We set the benchmark very high for ourselves and care about every customer we work with and every single material and design detail that goes into the goods. We never overlook the details. We hope by thinking like this we’ll make a small dent in the world and give you the choice to own well designed, high quality jewelry handcrafted by us in Canada.

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